Carol's Eggs

Certified Humane


Carol’s Eggs have always been 100% Certified Humane. This seal from the Humane Farm Animal Care non-profit organization is the most respected 3rd party certification in the industry, and something no factory farms offering cheap eggs can boast.

We have individual certifications for both types of our farms. The free range standards for our heirloom hens ensure that a wide range of humane practices and approaches are followed, including:

  • Ready access to substantial outdoor pasture and shade for the birds to scratch, peck, play and dust bathe
  • Fresh water
  • Wholesome, nutritious feed
  • Spacious floor barns (no stacked platforms or cages)
  • Nesting boxes
  • Scratch areas in the barn
  • Roosting perches
  • Space for dust bathing

The pasture-raised standards include all of the above, and in addition, require year round access to even larger pasture spaces. This is only possible in warmer climates, which is why our pasure-raised flocks live further south.

Seeing the Certified Humane seal alongside the beautiful pastels of our heirloom options or the deep, rich browns of our pasture-raised eggs is a reminder of just how much the well-being of our hens matters.