Carol's Eggs

Free Range Heirloom Eggs

Preserving a heritage—and flavor

Not so long ago, most eggs came from small, local farms. Farmers used time-honored techniques to breed chickens whose traits were ideal for local climate and tastes. Many laid eggs with different colored shells, often with rich, distinctive flavors.

But when standardized agriculture came along, most of those breeds—and their unique characteristics—disappeared. Nowadays, nearly all American eggs come from just two breeds. Carol’s Free Range Heirloom eggs are a link to our richer past.

We raise our heirloom hens in small flocks, on small diversified farms in the Northeast. We’re committed to bringing back those beloved hens and the farming wisdom they represent. Like farmers before us, we’ve carefully selected heirloom breeds that are ideal for our farm settings.

Our free range heirloom hens are also Certified Humane. They live in spacious, naturally-sunlit, airy, barns with room to do what comes naturally, like roost, scratch, and socialize. Their wholesome, nutritious feed features whole cereal grains, marigolds, and alfalfa grasses. And they have access to broad pastures every day except in inclement weather. We’d never give our hens hormones or antibiotics, much less dream of putting them in a cage. So, of course, they give us exceptional eggs.

Our Mixed Heirloom Basket

Our hens lay lovely heirloom eggs in shades of pastel blue, olive green, pale pink, and dark, rich brown. They are descendants of the Andalusian, South American Araucana, and Chocolat Marans breeds, which date as far back as the 16th century.

These eggs are much prized by the chefs of Europe for their exceptional flavor and texture. We are thrilled that we can bring these incredible heirloom eggs back to American tables by working with our network of small family farms to raise our Certified Humane heirloom hens.

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