Carol's Eggs

Pasture-Raised Eggs

Room to forage and flourish

Eggs with a taste of place and season

Our pasture-raised flocks are located in Virginia, so year round they can enjoy their very spacious pastures all day long. At night, they return to the warm, safe barn, which is a natural instinct for hens who are ever wary of nocturnal predators.

Every time our hens go out to pasture, they boost their diet with nutritious foods they crave—like native grasses, seeds, insects, and grubs. When you taste our delicious pasture-raised eggs, you’re getting a taste that could only come from our rich Virginia landscape.

Each farm’s setting is a little different and the pasture changes with the seasons. That gives our eggs a distinct character and flavor that links them to the land they come from. You’ll love the taste!


6-Count Organic Pasture-Raised

Our organic hens enjoy wholesome certified organic feed that’s free of GMOs and pesticides, and pure, fresh water whenever they want it. They never receive hormones or antibiotics.

12-Count Pasture Raised

We also offer non-organic pasture-raised eggs in dozens. Everything is the same with the hens pasture-raised lives and care. The only difference is the grains in their feed are not USDA Certified Organic. You get a remarkable pasture-raised egg either way.